Dexonna Talbot grew up in Spanish Fork and is a sophomore at The University of Utah. She received early admittance to the ballet program and is working towards a degree in ballet performance. She has had many impressive opportunities through her ballet career including studying in Prague, making Top 12 at Youth America Grand Prix, and being invited to audition for “So You Think You Can Dance.” 

She has also spent countless hours on her social impact initiative, “Servesteem.” She believes that doing service – whether small acts or large coordinated projects – strengthens one’s own self-esteem. Earlier this year, one of her simple acts went viral and she was invited to share her experience on “The Steve Harvey Show.” She is excited to continue spreading her message to the state of Utah and compete for the title of Miss America 2020.

Serve Esteem: increasing self esteem through service. I believe we are the most beautiful versions of ourselves when we are in the service of others. We can learn to love not only the people we serve, but also ourselves by small acts of kindness each and every day. Mahatma Gandhi states “In a gentle way you can shake the world” Imagine the metaphorical earthquake we could create by doing one small thing to help someone everyday. I know that through my platform we can change ourselves, our communities and humanity for the better. We can become the generation that promotes love and service, the one that diminishes hate and discrimination. And it all starts with you. It all starts with one small act of kindness. Creating a better world and future can be so simple, and it all begins with us.

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